The Concept

  • The creation of a sandwich is like an art. It is the coming together of individual gourmet products to create one perfect meal. At Wich Latte, we aim to let our sandwich speak for itself.

  • At Wich Latte, we strongly believe that the quality of bread dictates the quality of the sandwich, which is why we freshly bake our own bread—every day

  • We use the fines chocolate in order to provide be;er quality and texture and make the dessert more authentic; which is also the reason we use imported cheeses for our cheesecakes and German cherries for our black forest cakes.

Our Team

  • Abedin Sham

    Managing Director

  • Surendra Sanil

    Head Chef

About Us

Wich Latte is India’s first sandwich cafe!! It has derived its name from Sandwich and Latte.

Wich Latte, the newest addition to the casual dining market was started by Abedin Sham and Surendra Sanil.

At Wich Latte we are extremely particular when it comes to quality. Our most important detail is sandwich quality in both ingredient sourcing and preparation. We celebrate the service of freshly baked bread, bagels and desserts, while creating the perfect balance, with local and imported produce being used in the food.

All the outlets source their food from a central kitchen. Sandwiches provide a healthy, fresh and delicious option for your meals especially when it’s made from the finest quality of ingredients.

You can choose from a variety of coffees at the café. All our coffee is made ala Carte, with a fresh grind being used for every order. With our edgy, yet inviting and cosy atmosphere, Wich Latte provides the ideal ambience for everyone.

Whether you’re whiling away on a lazy afternoon reading a book or picking up a quick bite from the express service window—the café is all-welcoming.

“To become the most successful QSR brand in the country known for its quality of food and service and to create significant value for all its stakeholders and business partners“